Educational Tech Byte of the Week: Symphony Learning

19 11 2009

This week I am going to spend some time talking about another mathematics intervention called Symphony Math. Made by the same people that brought us Lexia, Symphony tackles mathematics at the computation level. It is an ideal fit for students in grades K-5 who significantly struggle with computation concepts.

Symphony Math for K-5 students-both Windows and MAC compatible.

Symphony Math improves math fluency, concepts, procedures, and applications.  Cognitive research has shown that some students at risk for math failure have not developed adequate automaticity of computation skills and math operations. Symphony is a supplemental computer-based program that will help teachers ensure student’s success in mathematics.

Symphony Math also covers a child’s movement from concrete to abstract concepts. Topics such as learning with manipulatives, solving word problems,  and mastering number facts are covered as well. Like other computer-based interventions such as Lexia and ALEKS, Symphony Math has a specific scope and sequence, and can be customized to fit a student’s learning needs.

If you would like to know more about Symphony Learning, you can watch their video presentation here.

You can also find their website by clicking here.




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