My Mac and I….

18 12 2009

I have a confession… I’m in love…

…With my MacBook Pro.

The object of my affection...

I was a long-standing Windows user. I always scoffed at the Mac. When I moved back to ME from MA, the computers were all Mac. I brought my Dell laptop to work.

A couple of years ago, I was given a new MacBook to use for work. I looked at it. It was pretty.  I was lured by the ease of the “drag and drop” feature.  I had to learn how to use Keynote and Notes because it was what my students were used to using for classwork. They taught me a lot, and I’ll be forever grateful! Little did I know, the beginnings of the Mac transition had begun for me.

I began to find that when I’d go home to my Windows machine, I would be clicking to exit out of a program in the upper left corner. Dragging and dropping just wasn’t the same on a Windows machine.  The more I used my Mac, the more I liked it.

Then, I received a MacBook Pro for my current role, and well, that sealed the deal.  With a breathtaking display and a slick operating system, a few hours with my MacBook Pro, the union would be complete.

It’s official. I am a Mac convert. I am beginning to find Windows to be an alien life form, a clunky counterpart to the slick operating system of the Mac.

Plus, the Universal Accessibility features of a Mac blow any Windows machine out of the water. The Mac in and of itself is an Assistive Technology device. From text- to speech, to Voice Over, to adjusting magnification settings, to braille… ahhh.. Mac… where have you been all of my life?

Now, I am in no way “bashing” Windows. Right-clicking is an awesome thing to have. If you prefer Windows, that’s fine for you. I’m just speaking about my experience, as I was once an avid Windows user. However, our students come to us with Mac knowledge and preferences. Being an AT Specialist, I feel it’s important to match the technology to the user. One size does not fit all… however, people can change their preferences….right?

I am not the only recipient of a Mac. Across the district, Macs are popping up everywhere. However, I hear a lot “I have this Mac thingy and I don’t know how to use it!”  What I love most is that people (staff and students alike) WANT to use it.

Thankfully, Apple is smart (another reason why I love Macs). They have a great website with  tutorials to help support YOU, the user.

The Apple for Educators site is an excellent resource to help you get to know your Mac better.

The Apple for Educators site

Click on the support tab to access Apple support.

Click hereTo access the Apple site for educators.

Check out the tutorials, browse around, have fun! You can always ask your friendly neighborhood AT specialist, or IT staff member for assistance in helping to get to know your Mac.

Another great resource is our district’s website. Check out the IT Services link for Mac-based tutorials created by our IT staff! They are quick and easy to use, and helpful too.




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