How to enable the on-screen keyboard feature in Windows or Mac

4 01 2010

Sometimes, typing can be a laborious task for our students. There are occasions where an assistive or adaptive keyboard may be a better fit. However, there are times where student’s are more adept at clicking to type. This is where an on-screen keyboard comes in handy.

In both Windows and Mac-based machines, an on-screen keyboard is a standard feature of Universal Accessibility. If you have a student that is a “master clicker”, trying the on-screen keyboard may be the way to go.

Click here to access the Accessibility Tutorial for Windows: Turning on the on-screen keyboard.

Click here to access the tutorial on how to activate the onscreen keyboard for Mac.

Once the on-screen keyboard is enabled, the user can click instead of typing! If you’d like a demonstration of how this feature works, send me an e-mail.




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