Websites, Websites, Websites!

19 02 2010

Check these great sites out! These can be used for independent practice, or for whole group instruction on the SMART Board!

Sites that I’m jazzed up about:

MathTV,com is a FREE video tutorial site for students who are struggling with mathematical concepts. It’s a great resource!

Homepage of

Academic Skill Builders-THE Place for educational games!

Not just for mathematics, either. They have reading games, geography games, and many more!

An example of one of the many skill builder games!

Vocab Ahead-

Quick and easy videos that not only give the definition of a word, but the context through a visual/auditory example. Advanced users can create their own account to make master lists for students to study and practice. This could be great for SAT prep, or pre-teaching of key vocabulary words in any subject. The best part?  It’s free!

Vocab Ahead’s Homepage
World Geography site
This site is a great resource for young researchers who are doing projects on a country, or are studying geography. The information is quick and simple to find.

It's as simple as clicking on a flag!

Audio Owl- download Free Audio Books!
These audio books can be downloaded as a podcast right into iTunes, which can then be sent to a student’s MP3 player or iPod!

Audio Owl's homepage

Take a moment and check these sites out for yourself. If you’d like to see how they can be used in your classroom, please let me know and I’ll come by and help.



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