Customizing learning in Symphony Mathematics

12 04 2010

Sometimes, you want to be able to customize curriculum for your students. In Symphony Mathematics, you are able to do just that. For example, say you have a student that isn’t ready to learn multiplication and division, but is ready to learn 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction. Rather than following Symphony Math’s scope and sequence, you can select which stages are available for your student.  Below are the steps to customize learning for your students:

Go to the symphony math website. Click on the login button to log in.

Enter your login information that was provided to you to access your teacher account.

Once you log in, click on the  Students tab. Scroll down to find the student that you are looking for. Click on their name.

In this window, you are able to customize what is available to a student.

In Symphony Math, there are 17 “stages” that are available to a student. By choosing which ones you want your students to access and when. you are able to create a truly individualized, prescriptive curriculum.




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