It’s June Already?

3 06 2010

Can you believe that it’s June already? Where did the year go? One of the things I like to do is to reflect back on the year, Here are some highlights:

1. Lexia

We were fortunate to obtain 50 Lexia licenses for our students. Currently, we have 300 students enrolled in Lexia.  Over the past 6 months, our district average of minutes used per week is 21! Many teachers report nice gains in reading fluency and decoding skills in their students from using Lexia.

Next year, we will continue to implement Lexia, and hopefully bring up those usage numbers! For the first year of implementation, with limited training, I am IMPRESSED by everyone’s efforts to implement in class.

Scope and Sequence of Lexia


This year, we had 65+ students use ALEKS in grades 4-12. Usage was variable across the district, however, students liked the Quick Tables feature, as well as seeing their progress on their pie.

Next year, we will look at aligning ALEKS curriculum more closely to the math curriculum for pre-and re-teaching for students. We will have more licenses as well.

3. Symphony Mathematics

Symphony Mathematics

Students in grades K-12 use Symphony Mathematics to build on basic math skills. We currently have approximately 80 students enrolled in Symphony math. Many schools are using it as a supplement, or as pre-teaching of skills. We will continue to have Symphony next year, and hope that usage will increase as we become more familiar with it.


Bookshare is a free resource for students that qualify for a print, physical, or visual disability. Primarily used at the Middle and High School, this resource is available across the district to any student that meets the criteria. It has been amazing to see a student be able to access grade-level text. We’ve had some glitches and bumps along the way, but I am so glad that it is being used!

Next year, use will continue and expand as we identify more students that qualify for this resource!

Accessible materials for students with disabilities

It has been an amazing year in this district! I could not have done any of the work without the support of the Special Ed and IT departments. I am truly honored to be here.

Next year is going to be even better….




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