Universal Access, MLTI, and Mac: Strategies and Supports for ALL learners

7 12 2010

I had the honor and privilege of being a guest speaker, along with my colleague Jamie Jensen, on December 2 on the subject of strategies and supports for Tier 1 instruction. Hosted by Cynthia Curry at MLTI, we collectively spoke of the many features, tools, supports, and programs that the Mac OS offers to teachers to ensure that ALL students are able to effectively access the curriculum at their learning level.

Jamie spoke about using GeoGebra with math students and using Quick Time to record their process within the program to demonstrate understanding. The supports within GeoGebra when applied to a student help to declutter unneccessary processes and allow the learner to effectively demonstrate what they know in a unique and meaningful way. Furthermore, if these snippets are collected over time, now you’re talking about truly authentic assessment, and have the makings of a nice digital portfolio for kids.

I spoke about Universal Access and free tools for learners that are available to any student, not to just students with Special Needs, One highlight is a great free program called Google Scribe.  Google Scribe is basically free word prediction that’s online. Students can then copy and paste their writing into a word or pages document.

A screen shot of Google Scribe

For a more detailed synopsis of the webinar, click here.

MLTI webinars can be found at maine121.org




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