Using the Power of iOS Technology in Special Education Classrooms

20 01 2011

Slowly but surely, if you are in a developmental or behavior program in the district, you have been exposed to the iPad and iPod touch. There are a multitude of ways that this powerful tool can be used with students with disabilities. Below is the “short list” of ways that iPads/iPod touches (or iOS devices) are being used:

*As an AAC (Augmentative Communication Device) for non-verbal and autistic students.
*As a learning tool by using the various apps for active practice in mathematics, reading, science, and social studies
*Practice vocabulary and study skills for SAT prep
*Record student’s voices on iPod using voice notes for movies, presentations, and authentic assessment.
*Interactive storybooks during small group instruction to show cause/effect, which also subsequently keeps the students engaged.
*As a reward

This is scratching the surface of the capabilities of this device on a small scale for our most significantly challenged learners. Is it perfect yet? Almost. New apps are being created as we speak. Improvements in management, and the iPad itself are rumored to be happening.

Check my Twitter feed for a story about how a program for students with significant disabilities in Ohio is using the iPad in their classrooms. Or you can just click here to see the story.

Check out this video from YouTube that shows how iPads can be used with students with significant disabilities:

Model lessons and training are available. E-mail me to schedule a session. I hope you will find this to be a powerful and useful tool in your program!




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