App of the Week-iReward Chart

20 04 2011

Since we are piloting iPads and iPod touches in district, I thought it would be a good idea to start highlighting some favorite apps to use with students. I am creating a new section of my blog that will highlight a favorite app every week, and discuss ways that it can be used in the classroom. With tens of thousands of educational apps available, it can be overwhelming at best to select apps that are a good fit for students.

This week, I am highlighting iReward Chart by Gotclues, Inc. This app is originally designed for parents to use with their children, but I see some significant application in educational settings as well. This app could be a great tool to use with students with behavior challenges and organizational skill deficits in the primary grades.


Once the app is open, you have the option to enter a child’s name. You can, of course, have multiple children. I added a test child to try this out, and you have the option to add a picture as well. More importantly, you have the option to “lock” the app, which prompts you to enter a 4 digit passcode so that a child cannot alter the chart.

Place to add children in IReward Chart

Once you click on the child’s name, you are taken to the chart itself. The typical setup has pre-selected tasks on the chart. If you scroll down to the bottom, there is an option to edit the chart, which takes you to the list of all the tasks. You also have the option to add your own custom tasks under each category, select or deselect activities, and set the reward range.

current tasks edit view in iRewardChart

Edit options of tasks in iRewardChart

You can also set the rewards for your child by selecting the setup feature within iReward Chart. This allows you to add or delete rewards, and set the number of stars that need to be earned for the week before a reward can be given.

Screen Shot of setup of rewards in iRewardChart

Once you have customized the rewards and tasks for each child, you can use iRewardChart to track stars earned by simply clicking on them.

Tracking rewards is easy with iRewardChart

As stars are collected, in the corner is a tally of the stars that are earned. By clicking on the balance, your child can then redeem the credits for rewards!

The Balance Sheet allows redemption of credits for rewards

By clicking on Payout, you can then redeem for the rewards you want-as long as you have enough credits, or balance stars.

Are you sure you want to trade in for this reward?

Then a certificate is generated with the child’s name that you can then e-mail for printing and display!

Screen shot of the certificate

You can also e-mail the chart itself. This is a great way to show parents how their child is doing, or to track progress,
Share achievements with parents!

While this app is made for parents, I can see the potential for teachers to use it as well. There is a lite version to try, but at $3.99 it’s a great price for an app that can help motivate children and track behavior. I have heard that a version for education is in the works, and I am looking forward to trying it out. I think I may even try this app with my son!




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