App of the Week- iCommunicate

27 04 2011

This week I am highlighting the app iCommunicate. Made by Grembe, iCommunicate is an easy-to use communication and teaching app for students with disabilities.

Below is a tutorial from the developer’s YouTube site:

I find this app to be extremely user friendly. I have been able to easily search through pictures, add my own, and easily edit and create boards for non-verbal users in our district. The ease of teaching other staff members how to use it makes it less intimidating, and they can create storyboards and pictures for on the go, anytime, anywhere learning and communication. Not only is iCommunicate a great tool for using picture schedules with, but it’s a great teaching tool in the acquisition of language and concepts.

Here is how I created the colors learning board:

*After opening the app, I clicked on the storyboard section:

Storyboard menu view

From there, I selected “New Storyboard” to create the storyboard.

Edit view for storyboard creation

I then clicked in the field I wanted to search for the pictures I needed.

Search pane of iCommunicate

Once I had the board arranged the way I wanted, I changed the voice output on each picture by searching for the picture and editing each individual picture. You can do this beforehand as well.

Edit pane for pictures in iCommunicate

Here is what the completed board looks like:

Completed Colors board

Here’s a quick sample of how the board sounds:

iCommunicate is a great, cost-friendly app for both the iPad and iPod touch. Not only does it help to give students with disabilities a voice, it can also be used as a tool to create meaningful learning experiences for your students.




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