App of the Week- The Monster at the End of This Book

5 05 2011

The power of technology, when used wisely, can greatly benefit our students. As an Assistive Technology Specialist, I am looking for ways to use technology as a tool to motivate, engage, and enhance learning. One of my favorite ways to do this is by using interactive books on iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPod touch. Many of the interactive books have built-in universal features that make reading fun. Some of the words are highlighted as the story is read. Some apps have interactions within the story to promote further exploration and thinking. There are custom settings, depending on the app, to turn features on and off, so you can truly customize the app to meet students’ needs.

One of my favorite interactive storybooks is The Monster at the End of this Book, and it’s this week’s app of the week. When I was a child, I loved this book and read it constantly. When I became a teacher, it was one of the first books I made sure I had in my library. Now there is an app that captures the book and brings it to life, engaging students. It is one of the most popular apps in our Developmental Skills Center. Students love Grover telling the story, the words popping out at them, and the ability to be independent as they are reading the story.

For those that want to see it, below is a video of what the book looks like.

To download this app for yourself, go to the iTunes store. The app costs $3.99.




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