App of the Week-Verbally

18 05 2011

Verbally is my app of the week. This app is free (which I love), does not require a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to run(which I love), and is customizable (which I also love). It truly is an augmentative communication solution for students that have the inability to speak effectively, but can read text, or type in what they want to say. Words are listed as well as phrases for ease of use.

How powerful of a tool is this with no cost. It makes me think of my friend that died of ALS and lost his ability to speak, but not the ability to think. How cool would this have been for him. Or a stroke victim that has trouble speaking, but the thoughts are still in there. A colleague’s sister that had throat cancer would have benefitted from this app. There are some students in district that this would make a great app for.

So, this week, Verbally is my app of the week.

One of three keyboard layouts for Verbally

Home page of the Verbally website




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