App of the Week-Apps for Children With Special Needs

10 06 2011

I am deferring the app of the week to showcase a4wcsn a4wcsn is short for Apps for Children With Special Needs. Their website contains a host of tutorials and videos that showcase apps in action from a user perspective. These tutorials are especially helpful when making informed decisions for what apps could work for a child.

Gary James is on a mission. He is committed to ensuring that children with special needs are able to receive an iPad at a lower cost. He sees the power of this device firsthand. Tomorrow, a4cwsn is kicking off their very first app party on facebook. Thousands of free codes for the best apps for children with special needs will be given out! This is exciting for many families and schools that cannot afford the cost of some of the apps that are out there that can benefit children with special needs.

a4cwsn is also raising money for iPads. Click here to learn more about the efforts of Gary and a4cwsn.

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