App of the Week:ArtikPix

22 06 2011

I love it when I went to collect the iPads for re-imaging the SLP’s hugged them and said “okay, you can have it, but PLEASE don’t get rid of ArtikPix!”

ArtikPix is an app that is put out by RinnApps. Version 2.0 boasts some cool new features such as multi-player scoring, better flash cards, and more. Although the SLP’s have not tested this feature (yet), I can tell you that having the option of group use is most welcome.

Add more than one student for group use in ArtikPix 2.0

I gave the SLP’s a trial version to try with some students that may have “th” issues, and immediately I was told “I want the full version”. So I guess you can correctly assume that feedback from SLP’s in the district has been overwhelmingly positive since using ArtikPix. I had one SLP tell me that a student that was not making ANY progress began making progress after using ArtikPix, which reduced frustration on both ends, and increased motivation. Another SLP told me that they were thinking of retiring, but after using ArtikPix and the iPad, may stick it out longer. I have observed first hand the benefits of ArtikPix on students. One student in particular was very difficult to understand. However, with ArtikPix and more direct coaching, he was able to make some nice gains!

The other cool feature about ArtikPix is the ability to save scores and add notes all within the app, which can then be exported to a google spreadsheet. This is a great way to track student progress and therapy sessions!

Saved Scores View of ArtikPix 2.0

Notes view in ArtikPix

To see the app in action, check out the video by Gary James at A4cwsn

Artik Pix-App of the Week!




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