App of the Week- Hildegard Sings

11 07 2011

Hildegard Sings, by OneHundredRobots, is a charming interactive storybook for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.  Read the tale of and interact with Hildegarde, a lovable hippo who loves two things – eating and opera.

Imagine Hildegard’s stroke of luck when when Frau Hoopenholler, the lead in the opera, becomes ill and she is asked to take the lead in the opera. While Hildegard is ecstatic, she is taken aback by her sudden case of laryngitis – right in the middle of practice! Will she make it to her shining moment on stage?  (I’m not going to give the ending away!)

When looking at interactive storybooks, one of the main features to look for is the ability to customize  the story to read to the user, or to have the user read the story themselves. Happily, in the case of Hildegard Sings,  this feature is enabled.  The ability to interact within the story is relevant to the storyline. For example, when Hildegard is singing, users can tap Hildegard to hear her sing.

Young children will laugh at the interactive features of this storybook. The flow of the story keeps youngsters engaged. Plus, the ability to interact with Hildegard and her friends brings a sense of humor and playfulness to the storyline.

The illustrations are reminiscent of some of my favorite children’s books, in particular, the Sweet Pickles series (If you’re a child of the ’70’s and ’80’s you will automatically know that I’m talking about). The characters come to life in this story because of the illustrations, as well as the interactivity within the app.

Another great feature of Hildegard Sings are the “Extras”.  Users can learn more about Hildegard after the story, or play memory games. It’s a surprisingly nice feature, but isn’t necessary to make users enjoy the app.

While Hildegard Sings is not a “flashy” app, its the storyline and illustrations that make it a nice app to have in any user’s literary library. Young children will be able to interact within the app easily, and adults will giggle at the story as well.

Hildegard Sings App for iPad and iPhone from One Hundred Robots on Vimeo.

Hildegard Sings by OneHundredRobots is more than a story about Opera-it’s a charming tale of a lovable hippo that is faced with a challenge at the face of her highest achievement. Whether or not she is successful can be found out by downloading the app. Priced at $1.99 for iPad, and $.99 for iPhone, this app is very reasonable for all of the features that it has.

The cause-and effect action of the app within the story makes it a fun tool to use during center time, circle time, or independent activity. Young children’s curiosity will heighten when they try to figure out what will happen if they touch an object or character. Plus, they will remain engaged with a story that is both humorous and the appropriate length for little learners with short attention spans.

Hildegard Sings- my pick for App of the Week!




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