Back to School App Specials

14 08 2011

Back to School already? It’s coming closer than you think!

My friend Siva over at Techinspecial ed has a killer blog post called Apps by IEP Goal.  This is part of a collaborative effort between equally dedicated educators and app developers to offer some of the best apps out there at a discounted rate!

Since I just returned from Apple Academy with a $25 iTunes gift card that’s burning a hole in my pocket, I am eager to expand the app library here at school. While I have most of the apps that are featured, there are a few that I am clamoring to get my hands on. Below is a short list:

Speech With Milo

Skills: Sequencing, Storybuilding

*Note- I would take ANY of the Speech With Milo apps, but this one is my favorite.

Story Builder

Skills: Storytelling, Reading, Sequencing

I am a HUGE fan of any of Mobile for Education Store’s apps, and desperately need to expand the libraries in them. I am so glad to see their library on sale for $2.99. If you don’t have this app- you are missing out on a great one!

Measurement HD

Skills: Measurement, Math

Punflay apps doesn’t disappoint with another fun and engaging app for measurement. I’m eager to try this one out.

Reading for Details

Skills: Reading, Comprehension

I have been looking for a reading comprehension app and it’s here- and it’s .99 cents! Bonus-they have more apps- including one for Cloze passages! I am really eager to try this one out!

This is a VERY short list of apps that I would purchase from the list featured in Techined’s blog. Make sure you check out this great resource. If you’re on Facebook, you can like his page here.

If you’re on the Twitter, make sure to use the hashtag #B2SAppSpecials.Thanks to the facilitators of this event- Jeremy BrownPatrick BlackSiva “Techined” ,  and Carisa Kluver. Also a HUGE thank you to the many developers who go above and beyond to help students with special needs by giving promo codes to promotions like this one.  Look for the next featured event to be coming soon!




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