Remembering Steve Jobs

6 10 2011

The passing of Steve Jobs is one that leaves me sad. While death is invariably a part of life, the imprint that Steve Jobs has left on the world will be felt for generations to come. His innovations have revolutionized the world of education in ways that continue to amaze me.

When a computer can read text back to a student in a clearly enunciated voice with the press of two keystrokes, that is brilliant. When an individual with a visual impairment can navigate the world of the internet with VoiceOver, that breaks down barriers – plain and simple. As practitioners, we are continually looking for ways to break down those barriers for our students. Mac and iOS devices are able to do this effectively without installation of costly software. Quite simply, it works.

It is the vision of Steve Jobs that has led to these changes in our world. While I know he is not solely responsible for the innovations behind iOS devices, it is his vision of thinking differently that is at the heart and soul of Apple, and will hopefully continue after his passing.

I was honored to be selected as part of Apple Academy in August. I met some amazingly talented people that have touched my life and work on a daily basis. When we learned of Steve stepping down shortly after we had visited Apple HQ, there was an unspoken common understanding of what this meant. The experience of Apple Academy has forever changed me, and I’m humbled by it.

I have witnessed firsthand the power and influence of Mac and iOS products on students with various learning needs. When I see students able to access content in ways that they never could before, which leads to positive learning outcomes, well, it’s something that I will always be passionate about.

Apple’s website is a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs and his legacy. It’s as brilliant as it’s simplicity, just like their products. Just like Steve.

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Thank you Steve for thinking differently.




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