iBooks review: Are You My Friend? A Raymond and Sheila Story

26 02 2012


Annie Fox and her team at Electric Eggplant have written an enhanced book for children. Are You My Friend? features the lovable Raymond who watches his older sister Sheila play with her friend Ilana. Raymond has a teddy bear that he talks to, so he doesn’t feel that he needs a real friend, because in his mind, he has one.
In spite of this, he continues to annoy and interfere with Sheila and Ilana. It isn’t until he meets up with Iggy that things change. (I don’t want to reveal the whole story here).

To have content in iBooks is great. What I love most about Are You My Friend is that it’s an enhanced book. Enhanced books offer the functionality to read the text should the reader choose, or need it. This means that a wider audience of children can access this book, as well as its message, which makes it a HUGE plus in my book.

This is a must-have story for parents and practitioners alike. The story is relevant and relatable to young children. It could be easily incorporated into a read aloud, independent reading, or whole group reading activity. Guidance and Social Workers will enjoy using this app with their therapy groups in learning about siblings and relationships.

Kudos to Electric Eggplant for developing a book that not only has charming illustrations, easy to follow story and dialogue, but also is truly accessible to a wide range of students. I look forward to seeing more children’s enhanced books in the future, as well as more from The Adventures of Raymond and Sheila.





One response

26 02 2012
David Fox

Thank you so much for this enthusiastic review! Raymond and Sheila are very dear to our hearts, and yes, there will be more stories in this series. In fact, a new adventure, “Are We Lost?”, will be avialable later this year.

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