Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

2 03 2012

March 2 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. With that comes a day filled with reading, celebrations, and more. Schools all across the country participate in Read Across America, which epitomizes the whimsical and innovative spirit that embodies Dr. Seuss.

In thinking of innovative spirit, I am also reminded of Steve Jobs and how the iPad has truly transformed learning for a variety of students. In this vain, Oceanhouse Media has created a  littany of Dr. Seuss interactive books for young children that truly engage, motivate, and grow with young children.

To celebrate and honor Dr. Seuss, below are my favorite Dr. Seuss interactive book apps.

Green Eggs and Ham

That Sam I am! He’s always trying to get his friend to eat Green Eggs and Ham! Nothing beats trying new things.

Oh, the Places You Will Go!

This one’s particularly special to me. My parents gave me this book when I graduated High School. I was a teenager with a whole life ahead of me. Sometimes I still read this to remind myself that it’s possible to accomplish anything you set out to do.

 There’s A Wocket in My Pocket

Who doesn’t love having a wocket in their pocket? Or other things? This tale just gets sillier and siller- something I love most about Dr. Seuss.

 The Foot Book

This one is another all time favorite. When I was a child, I read this book so much that the binding came apart. For some reason, Dr. Seuss made feet seem interesting.

Oh, The Things You Can Think!

Imagination is something that is so important to have, and it’s something that Dr. Seuss celebrated in each one of his books. Oh, the Things You Can Think epitomizes the love of an active imagination, and is something we should continually foster in our children.

And to Think I saw it on Mullberry Street

The first children’s book to be published was almost never published. It took 27 tries to get this one out because it was considered to be too “imaginative” and “fantasy-like”.  75 years later this book is still a classic.

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! Celebrate by reading a good book, or by creating one of your own. Use your imagination and believe you can do anything you set your mind to!

For a full list of Oceanhouse apps, click here.




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