PaperPort Notes Uses Dragon Dictate Power – Amazing – And Free

16 03 2012

There is another weapon to add to the arsenal for Struggling Writers.  It’s an app for the iPad and it’s called PaperPort Notes. 

This app works quite beautifully. What’s great is the ability to dictate right into a note. This is ideal for students that can get their thoughts down verbally, but can stop dictating at the sentence or paragraph level. Keep in mind that the dictation engine is powered by Dragon, which in mobile applications, requires wi-fi to connect to their speech recognition server.

However, the recognition accuracy is astounding, and there is no voice training that’s required. Dictate short sentences, or slightly longer ones and see what happens. Like magic, the words appear within the document.

PaperPort Notes also works with Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, PaperPort Anywhere, and more. Import exsisting documents seamlessly into PaperPort Notes and have the functionality to annotate, highlight, dictate, and record audio right on the document.

The app also works well with both finger and stylus as gestures and zooming within the document are crisp and clear. Resolution is preserved throughout the document.

In short, PaperPort notes is free, which is cool, but what it can do is even more impressive, and how it seamlessly integrates with my favorite applications such as Dropbox and Evernote is even better. So, for a struggling older writer, this may be a cool option to try without spending money on dictation software before deciding that dictation is the way to go.




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