iOS 6 Features and Updates

1 10 2012

Apple has recently released iOS6. Depending on the device, certain features of iOS 6 will be available to users. For example, on my new iPad, Siri is now available. Of course, now I want to upgrade my iPhone 4 because of Siri (among other reasons, but that’s another post for another day).

Aside from a better mail interface, enhancements to Safari, better integration with social networks, and a few other things (I won’t go there with maps), one of the coolest features is Guided Access, which basically prevents a student from navigating out of an app by pressing the home button. While I’m a fan of Bubcaps, I’m an even bigger fan of Guided Access for a multitude of reasons:

1. Password protected so users cannot re-enable the home button

2. For AAC users, this is a perfect way to ensure that the iPad is being used as an AAC device

3. For reluctant learners that do not want to use a particular app, this reinforces concepts such as first then, and prevents any unnecessary struggles for users that may inadvertently navigate out of an app.

Here’s how to enable Guided Access on an iPad:

Guided Access promises to be a powerful tool for our most significantly disabled students who tend to press the home button by accident, or to quit an app they do not prefer to use. It also creates increased opportunities for AAC users to access their device more effectively, therefore targeting its purpose.

Overall, I’m impressed with iOS 6 and have noticed new features every day. However, Guided Access is one of the coolest features!




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