A Letter to Content, App, and Software Developers

5 11 2012

Dear App and Software Developers:

I’ll keep it brief. Please make your products accessible to ALL.

It would be great to be able to use products that we currently have with assistive technologies such as VoiceOver. It would be great for a student to access an app using an external or bluetooth device. While I realize this takes some extra coding and work in the API that goes beyond my level of expertise,  I thought it was  just common sense to Universally Design a product.

Like cutouts in a sidewalk, and modern buildings, Universal Design is everywhere. The beauty of Apple products is that there is a seamless integration of their accessibility options with their devices. However, when an app or piece of software is developed and does not take these factors into consideration, it’s the child with accessibility needs that is at a further disadvantage. Which, personally, is not okay.

So please, please please create content, apps, and software that is Universally Designed for all.

Thank you.