Google Expeditions 

16 05 2016

Recently, the folks at Google paid a visit to our schools to show us their newest innovation- Google Expeditions. 

We weren’t sure what to expect when they came to visit. The seemingly innocent piece of cardboard is akin to a View Master, but harnesses the power of Google to create a truly immersive learning experience for children.  

Basically, Google Expeditions takes students and teachers on a virtual journey that doesn’t feel virtual at all. Students are truly immersed in the experience. This allows for a level of access for ALL learners that a book or traditional curricular materials cannot provide. You literally feel like you’re right there. 

In terms of reaching students with special needs, depending on age, if they have a seizure disorder, or other medical condition that would prevent the use of this amazing technology, the potential for students is limitless. Students are able to participate in a way they may not be able to- and understand the concepts being taught within the expedition more readily, as they are immersed in the environment that is being covered. 

Google Expeditions is better than a virtual field trip.  Our awesome Google friends Natasha and Fitz explained that there are over 300 expeditions- with more being added every day.  We were all blown away by this beta version, and are looking forward to the release.

When you’re in a classroom and students are EXCITED to learn? That’s priceless. This is the potential of Google Expeditions. 




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